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About NCJWA Vic

NCJWA Vic is a vibrant, strong and independent women’s organisation dedicated to furthering the status of women in both the Jewish and broader communities. NCJWA Vic focuses specifically on empowering and enriching women’s lives. They do this through a range of innovative activities including programs, advocacy and events.

Purpose of the Role

The NCJWA Vic Board is recruiting for an experienced, energetic and effective leader to assume this busy and varied hands-on role that demonstrates respect for the history of NCJWA Vic, its key stakeholders, its reputation and its volunteers.


Reporting to the NCJWA Vic Board Directors and accountable to the Board for the management and operation of NCJWA Vic, the CEO has overall responsibility for a team of around 12 staff, largely part time, including operational and program staff.


It is proposed that the CEO will lead the ongoing development and growth of NCJWA Vic. The CEO will be a strong and credible leader with an innovative and dynamic approach, ideally with experience leading a not-for-profit organisation. A capable manager, the CEO will inspire trust and be capable of steering NCJWA Vic in accordance with the strategic vision of the Board.


The CEO will be accountable for NCJWA Vic’s outcomes in line with the strategic plan. In doing this, the CEO will exhibit integrity in relationships with Board members and both internal and external stakeholders. The CEO role is generally accountable for:

  • Delivery of Board strategic goals;

  • Reporting to the Board members on the business and performance indicators;

  • Planning and managing NCJWA Vic day-to-day operations including programs, events 3 and fundraising;

  • Business development, including grants, marketing and communications;

  • Working with the President to provide stewardship of donors:

  • Payroll, financial management and reporting under the guidance of the Treasurer;

  • Human resources management and processes; and

  • Facilities and contract management.

Important Information

For more information, please contact Lesley Lightfoot on 0458 543 485 or Jeremy Wurm on 0419 529 525 or email us on

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