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Brooker Consulting is proud to partner with Waverley Social Enterprises to recruit a Chief Executive Officer.

Waverley Social Enterprises is a certified social trader and registered organisation with the Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission (ACNC) that commenced operations in November 1984 with the aim of providing Supported Employment Opportunities for people with a disability.


Having grown significantly since early 2000 when it employed around 80 people with disability, it currently employs 330+ adults with varying abilities, 60 full-time and casual staff, and has a community of 190 volunteers, across two sites located in Notting Hill and Hallam. 

Bringing joy, independence and wellbeing to people with a disability

Enriching Lives

The enterprise provides employment opportunities for people with a disability from the greater Melbourne region, delivering significant positive social impact and outcomes from the employment and training opportunities it provides.


Providing meaningful and inclusive supported employment promotes health, wellbeing, independence and opportunities for participation in community life. Employment brings much joy and happiness to Waverley's workers from the companionship, stimulation, learning, sense of dignity, self-worth and achievements.


Waverley Social Enterprises helps to enrich the lives of people with a disability through the many and varied opportunities it provides and their families or carers from the respite and support.


Waverley Social Enterprises is an NDIS employment provider that specialises in school work experience, skill development, job variety & flexibility, training & support, and job pathways.


These are fulfilled through Waverley's key services:




Flexi Labour


Organisations that partner with Waverley for trade or services can expect a team that is flexible and adaptable, and that provides cost-effective quality outcomes.



What Matters to Waverley Social Enterprises?



Appreciating and recognising high performance

Easy to do business with
Simple service - Great quality


Going the extra mile to provide quality service


Positive cause - Inspiring outcomes

Striving for excellence through continuous improvement

Achieving results by working as one

Building trust through transparency and collaboration


Meet Manny

The reason that I like working at Waverley is because it's giving me a chance to work as part of a group. I have been here for 29 years! 


It gives you something to do during the day and I would just like to say that Waverley Social Enterprises has done me really well and I really like working here.

About the Chief Executive Officer role

As CEO, you will lead, inspire and encourage an executive team of four to realise strategic objectives. By delivering financial and operational stewardship you will enhance the organisation’s reputation and prosperity on behalf of its participants.


Chief Executive Officer

Find Out More

Please contact Jeremy Wurm on 0419 529 525 or Lesley Lightfoot on 0458 543 485, in confidence.

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